June 27, 2011

father time

My sweet pops.

I feel awful that I didn't have a post up for him in regards to father's day.  We had a terrible family situation come up suddenly and everything was put on hold.  So here I am, a week or so late, with my Father's Day entry.  XO

My dad was the first man I ever loved and who loved me in return.  His love for me, my sister, my mom and our family paved the way for my future as a wife.  

His example taught me to expect respect from men,
feel prized and beautiful in all situations,
laugh hard often,
be tender towards all
and to never take yourself too seriously.

He walked me down the aisle (and yes, I know I look like I'm about to explode in the picture above, but the emotion is just so sweet), but he'll still clean my car or fill it up with gas when I come home for a visit.  As Salt N' Pepa would say, "What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man."


O'Melly said...

Your father's a good lookin' man! Love the 'stache!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to your amazing dad.c

leigh said...

He looks great in that gingham shirt too!
<3 leigh

Dina said...

This picture of you with your dad is so sweet!

Lindseybee said...

that's such a sweet post about your dad--I'm catching up to your posts, & they're always so beautiful & heartfelt--I always leave your blog feeling nice & refreshed!