July 11, 2011

babies, books, bunting and... vol II

...a nursery!

Remember this post, where I talked about all the goodies we created for my sweet friend's baby shower?  Well, her little nugget, Isla, was born healthy and beautiful April 27th!  Kellie incorporated all the fun DIY projects from the shower into the nursery and I can't imagine it turning out any sweeter.  Make sure you go over to Kellie's blog to see more images of the entire nursery so you can see how well it all came together!  Well done, sister!


Rachel said...

I love the tiny piano!

Rachel said...

One more thing! I've seen several of your cooking posts already.
Q: I am working on a recipe assemblage project. Would you send me your favorite, tried-and-true recipe? (It's actually a super-secret anniversary present!)