November 23, 2011

thankful / tiny treasures

photo via here, by Jose Villa

H A P P Y    T H A N K S G I V I N G    W E E K    T O    Y O U .

2012 has been a tougher year than normal for me to be thankful.  Death and sadness and mourning and gray have covered season after season for our family.  Being thankful in the midst of the depths is no easy task.  But I've tried to practice something new this year--when I feel myself sinking into the sadness, I stop and say thank you.  Maybe it's for something I never think to say thanks for; maybe it's something I say thanks for a lot.  But here's the thing: it's hard to stay in a dark spot when you start enumerating all you do have.  

I know this may sound like something easier said than done if you're in a well of sorrow.  But try it once.  How about this: I have a bed that keeps me warm at night.  I have food; plenty to fill my belly and keep me well.  I have fresh water that doesn't make me sick.  I saw the sunset yesterday and the sun rose this morning.  It's the little things that bring me back to reality.  What about you?  What are you thankful for today?

Here's an excerpt from a book I haven't read but that my mom sent my way this week.  I hope you find it as sweet and fragrant as a bouquet of tiny treasures.

As you go through this day, look for tiny treasures strategically placed along the way.  I lovingly go before you and plant little pleasures to brighten your day.  Look carefully for them, and pluck them one by one.  When you reach the end of the day, you will have gathered a lovely bouquet.  Offer it up to Me with a grateful heart.  Receive My Peace as you lie down to sleep, and with thankful thoughts playing a lullaby in your mind.

-an excerpt from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young



You'll fall in love with Jesus Calling once you start reading. It's unbelievably sweet and perfect.

Shannon said...

Chelsea a beautiful entry. Thank you for sharing and being a great encourager. I just bought that book last week. Happy Thanksgiving and we are so very thankful for you.

skippysays said...

What a great attitude! I know it can be hard, but you'll make it through

Anonymous said...

So true. That devotional is a good one.

abby said...

this is lovely. we had a similar year in my family . . . losing loved ones, experiencing financial hardship, watching people you care about struggle through difficult circumstances is sometimes overwhelming, but every day praising our Father for the things we do have teaches us to see our circumstances thru His eyes and not our own, doesn't it?

Rebecca said...

That is a lovely excerpt. It is hard to stay focused on the blessings in your life, but it is true that they are abundant.

ayelen said...

what a beautiful post.
this is another great book that has recently changed my outlook to help me count gifts and grace.
i think you'll really enjoy it.

Stephanie said...

I found your blog via your print on Pinterest, and had to comment on this post...Jesus Calling has been popping up everywhere! I hope you're enjoying the book and the Christmas season. :) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art.