December 19, 2011

WINNER :: cd giveaway

Lucky #11 was the winner this year, and that gift goes straight to a gal I know in real life, Miss Aimee of Made In The Fold!  Here's what Aimee is most thankful for:

i'm thankful for friends and family who love me and to give things to this year (and for your mamma!) :)

I've gotten to know Aimee through my mom (who leads a discipleship group Amiee is involved in) and she is nothing but incredibly kind, intentional and talented.

Thank you all for such sweet and meaningful responses.  I'd be lying if I didn't get teary nearly every time I sat down to read them.  

Praying for sweet memories, kind words and full bellies this holiday season.
xo xo xo


aimee said...

can't believe i won - and thank you so much for your kind words chelsea! oh my, now i'm teary! ;)

My Interior Life said...

I just came to your blog from Blueprint Bliss. I love your work! And I'm in Music City too (well, just outside the border in Franklin technically). I was so bummed I missed the Design Sponge signing at West Elm - looks like your backdrop was a huge hit (and a lot of work). I'm off to look at more of your stuff!

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