February 19, 2012

on our way to the glitter gulch

My man and I are on our way to Vegas for a few days!  We'll be there for WPPI; will I see any of you there?  Here's to Sin City and the Gambling Capital of the World... and here's to hoping I don't do much of either.  Happy Sunday, y'all!  

PS--Don't forget about the sale I've got going on in my shop!  30% off all calendars, prints and cards with promo code TAKEALITTLEOFF!  Enjoy it while it lasts, dearies!

PPS--I love the vintage post card above, but who approved that spacing of Greetings from     Las Vegas? Someone got a little trigger happy on the space key.


rylee hitchner said...

ha ha!

Noelle said...

Wish I were going this year! Would love to meet you and show you my fabulous tattoo in person :)

abby said...

ha! i half expect to see a line below "las vegas" and "fill in the blank" in teeny tiny print!

Steven Brown said...

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god bless
steven b.

rebecca said...

oooohhh.... haves so much fun!!!

Kaylees Bridal said...

The Card Is lovely and dreamy!