March 29, 2012

colors of spring

Though this image was taken oceans apart from our own back yard, I have such a connection to the colors--the bright blush of our (soon to blossom) peonies and the hot pinks of our azaleas; the greens of our overgrown shrubs and the sandy stone of our own patio.

I've been visiting our yard like a proud mother, checking in on it every hour or so like I do every year, to marvel at another year of growth after the winter seemed to drain every last bit of green and growth from the tiny plot of land entrusted to us to care for.  But the winter has passed, like it promises to do, and my heart is full of wonder and "WOW."  Anne Lamott recently said (ahem, tweeted): "...chaos of blossoms, yard smells like 100 old ladies.  God showing off."

x o x o


~Inna~ said...

(miss seeing you girl)

Janee Lookerse said...

What a lovely photo! Thank you for sharing!


35andupcynicismonhold said...

what a lovely nook! :)

hello, got here thru florence and millie. you've beautiful photos and designs... regards!

Lora Kelley said...

love anne lamott!