April 24, 2012

new prints in the shop

Here are the two new prints I created for last weekend's Etsy + West Elm event.  Click here to go to my shop or the images above for their listing.

I hope your Tuesday is as beautiful and bright as the weather here in Nashville.  
XO, Dearies.


Jasmine said...

The Vincent Van Gogh one is wonderful! They both are, but that's the one I want (;

Corina Nika said...

Oh wow! I can never stop being astonished by your lovely creations!


Tara Oh said...

Once again, lovely! I've been a reader of ee cummings for many years. I love to see his work come alive like this.

Amy - Book Monster said...

I think I've inadvertently "pinned" some of your pieces! They're beautiful! I'm going to have to add some to our "gallery" [if you could call it that].

kakang kokong said...

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