November 20, 2012

new christmas prints in the shop!

 I know, I know.  I've broken the cardinal rule: no Christmas before Thanksgiving.  But you know what?  This is how I'm looking at it: how fun to celebrate two of the best holidays at the same time?!  

That being said, head on over to my shop to view the cards and prints or click on the image you'd like to be directly sent to.  Side note: last year's prints are discounted!

* Note about shipping : All orders placed between November 20th - November 26th will be shipped on November 27th.  All orders placed between November 27th - December 5th will be shipped on December 6th.  Thanks!


Allison said...

Oh I love these! I have a difficult time finding holiday decor that I would actually want to display and these are wonderful.

she. said...


abby said...

every year i fall in love with your work!

Julia Manchik said...

Love that these are centered around the true meaning of Christmas. Beautiful lettering!

- Julia

criscrascrus said...

they are so lovely!

Mara Dawn said...

Very pretty. I love the first wreath one.

Melissa said...

That first one is my favorite! Your work is so beautiful.

<3 Melissa

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

very lovely, new follower here.. come and visit my blog:

ellie xx

Chloe Moon said...

How beautiful!! I love the script! =)


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Alexa said...

Where do you get all of your cute washi tape? I love it!! :)

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