March 30, 2012

live stream of eagle's nest


Oh my!  This really needs no explanation: eagle's nest, mama eagle and her newly hatched babies, nature doing her thing and being awesome.  What else could you ask for?  Get ready to be mesmerized.

I've had the screen up every day while I email.  I've got to be honest and admit that it's not the most productive I've ever been.

March 29, 2012

colors of spring

Though this image was taken oceans apart from our own back yard, I have such a connection to the colors--the bright blush of our (soon to blossom) peonies and the hot pinks of our azaleas; the greens of our overgrown shrubs and the sandy stone of our own patio.

I've been visiting our yard like a proud mother, checking in on it every hour or so like I do every year, to marvel at another year of growth after the winter seemed to drain every last bit of green and growth from the tiny plot of land entrusted to us to care for.  But the winter has passed, like it promises to do, and my heart is full of wonder and "WOW."  Anne Lamott recently said (ahem, tweeted): "...chaos of blossoms, yard smells like 100 old ladies.  God showing off."

x o x o

March 26, 2012

weekend's ending

We need the winter to appreciate the spring just like we need the work week to crave the weekend.  This weekend was filled with such good things: paintings in purple, the start of Hunger Games (better late than never, right?), hanging with two of my favorite people Greer and Tennessee, a salad that had all the colors of the rainbow except blue (I should have added blueberries), making a necklace out of ranunculus and astilbe (DIY to come), celebrating the birth of my best friend and sister, and watching our backyard turn into full-blown technicolor goodness.

I hope yours was as sweet and needed restful as ours!  
What did you have going on in your neck of the woods?

March 23, 2012

new spring prints in the shop!

Click on the 8x10 print or card to be directed to their Etsy listing!
Here's to the newness of spring!


March 16, 2012

petals like confetti

Last year I posted about our plum tree's blossoms being one of the first thing to promise us spring.  But, one of the sweetest treasures of this tree was left out.  After a week or so of baby pink blossoms and bumble bees enjoying their newfound buffet, the tree begins dropping its petals.  You can stand under the tree when a breeze blows through and get showered in pollen and petals alike.

I think the blossoms falling like confetti is God's way of saying, 
"Hey, daughter of mine!  It's spring!  Let's celebrate!"

March 7, 2012

springing recklessly

I'll be posting a print in the shop with this quote soon!  Can you tell I'm crazy ready for spring?

March 5, 2012

logo work / ryan ray

I'm so excited to finally share all the goodies my new friend Ryan Ray and I have been cooking up!  I was fortunate enough to work alongside him and Zach McNair to create Ryan's new logo and all the other handwritten goodies sprinkled throughout his new look.  
Click any of the images above to be directed to that page.  

Congrats to Ryan on the launch of such a cohesive, lovely new brand, and thanks for letting me be a part of it!