July 23, 2012

DIY : cake flower crown

Everything looks prettier with flowers, even cakes.  That's why, when my sister volunteered to make the wedding cake for a dear friend, we collaborated on the process--her with the yummy part of it and me on the fancy part of it.  Here's how it went down...

For the cake, Jordan had Publix bake 3 tiers of yellow cake and bought a bunch of their buttercream icing.  She eyeballed the tiers and iced them with a butter-knife to give the cake a simple, rustic charm.  To keep the tiers in place, she inserted a wooden kebob skewer through all three layers.  Oh!  And she also created the cake topper from a couple plastic deer toys bought at Michaels that she spray painted white.  How adorable are they?!

For the flower crowns, I found the peach carnations and yellow flowers (what are these called?  I'm blanking...) at Kroger for $12, total.  The green, dainty leaves are from a shrub at my house.  I wanted to choose smaller, resilient florals since I was making the crowns a day before the wedding and needed them to survive in the fridge overnight.  Then, to keep the flowers together, I followed this tutorial on Once Wed, staggering the flowers and wrapping them in floral wire.

When my sister arranged the flowers around the cake on the day of the wedding, the bottom crown wouldn't stay around the cake (our cake stand was too small) so she bobby-pinned it into the side of the cake.  She's a hairstylist; of course she bobby-pinned it into the cake!

So if you're in the mood to save a chunk of change on your wedding day, you might want to try your hand at a DIY cake!  After all was said and done, from the cake to the decorations to the stand, I think all of this cost less than $100.  Not bad for a couple of girls who had no idea what they were doing!

Top image, taken with Instagram / Bottom image, courtesy of She + Him Weddings

July 19, 2012

kinfolk vol 4 / familiar shores

A big thank you to Kinfolk for working with Tec and me in their fourth issue, out this summer.  Another huge thanks goes out to Nikaela Peters for writing such a beautiful piece to accompany the images.

Photography by Tec Petaja / Words by Nikaela Peters / Styling by Chelsea Petaja for Kinfolk Volume Four

Ps-You'd never know it was 47 degrees outside and shot in January, right?  A big thanks to my beautiful sister and her handsome husband for being the stars of the show.

July 3, 2012

sneak peek : kinfolk, vol. four

What better way to make you accept the heat than with the latest volume of Kinfolk?  Looking through their summer issue almost makes the 100 degree heat enjoyable.  (That's a total exaggeration.  But hey, the glass is half full, right?)

When I visited their site today, I was so excited to see they'd posted images from the shoot Tec and I worked on (writing by Nikaela Peters) with them on their main page.  If you visit their site, just click to the right to see more sneak peeks and another from our shoot!

I'll be posting a few images that didn't make the magazine next week.  Until then, pick up this fourth issue and stay cool, my friends.

July 2, 2012

it's the little things

There's not much I love more than collaborating on cool ideas with people I not only respect, but really, really like.

Jose Villa recently incorporated a heart and the word love that I watercolored for his blog.  The love button works like the like feature on Instagram.  Genius, right?!

So stop on by his blog and show him a little lovin', won't ya?