February 11, 2013

DIY : wax resist watercolor cards

Here's my solution to a quick, easy and totally doable DIY for all of you lovebirds out there.

Wax resist was always one of my favorite projects to do with the little ones when I was teaching.  It's a totally foolproof project that yeilds unique and beautiful results.  Here's how to go about it, ladybugs:

Watercolor paper | I folded a scrap piece I had in half to make it a 5x7 card.
- Crayons or oil pastels | I prefer oil pastels, but all I had on hand were crayons and they work just fine.
- Watercolors | Any kind or brand will do.
- Brushes

Start out by drawing your design on the watercolor paper with the crayons or oil pastels.  Once you're happy, start painting over the design and watch as the water beads up on your drawing.  Since water and oil don't mix, the design will stay visible and the watercolors will soak up around it.

Like I mentioned earlier, oil pastels are my preference when doing this kind of work because they tend to repel the watercolors more so than crayons.  If you use crayons like I did, you may have to go back with a paper towel and blot at the design to soak up the excess watercolor.

There you go!  It's as easy as that.  Run the same paintbrush across the front of the envelope and address that baby to someone you love.


Sally said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing, Chelsea! :)

Court5km said...

this is lovely! thanks for sharing

criscrascrus said...

really nice and cute!

Jasmine said...

Oh, I love this! I'll be doing this for Valentines Day,thank you! <3

marie said...

Very pretty...and very simple for a non-painter like me!
Thanks for sharing this idea.

Shannon said...

Beautiful~ Thank you...

all time print said...

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lory said...

So cute!!! Thank you for sharing!