April 26, 2013

rebranding | feather + stone

In terms of a dream client, the souls behind Feather and Stone take the cake.  The job was a fairly straightforward reworking of their existing brand, but with the handmade feel of watercolor.

Working on their portraits stretched me out of my comfort zone, but it feels good to feel uncomfortable every now and then.  The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity. -Dan Stevens

Here's to the weekend!  X O


Sammy Casey said...

Wow, you are so talented it's unbelievable! This is absolutely amazing.

And I love that quote... I truly feel when I'm uncomfortable I can make some of my greatest work. It definitely makes me thing in ways I usually wouldnt

Charlotte | Charlotte's Web said...

The comfort zone is definitely the enemy!

I love this, the design is gorgeous xx

Tenielle said...

You are such a doll Chelsea, we adore what you did for us and we adored your sweet emails just as much xo