November 6, 2013

reissue of albert camus + 'pennyweight' poster

I am so happy to share that Elise and I have decided to reissue this Albert Camus poster one last time. (We really mean it this time.)  The poster will be available now through December 31st.

We've both been so touched by numerous emails, asking for a reprint, that we wanted to give everyone one last opportunity to pick up a poster. It has been incredibly moving to hear that this quote means so much to so many of you.

Thank you all for your kindness and support surrounding this work. Here's to you and your invincible summers.

*Please note the three shipping dates listed before purchasing. For expected (but not guaranteed) delivery by December 25th, posters must be purchased by December 13th.

1 comment:

Lisa Pires said...

I finally got my hands on one!! Thanks for the final reissue! x