November 7, 2013

sharing desktop wallpapers for 'design love fest'

I loved lettering a few of my favorite quotes with the gang over at Design Love Fest for their weekly Dress Your Tech series!  Head on over to see some quotes I lettered that you can slap up as your computer's wallpaper.

|   C H E L S E A   P E T A J A ,   D R E S S   Y O U R   T E C H   |
More like 'Dress your Tec.'  Am I right?!

The gal above didn't make the cut, but here's a link for this Anne Lamott desktop wallpaper that I thought I'd toss your way if it suits ya!


Meredith said...

I loved seeing these yesterday! I immediately downloaded the "you got this!" for my laptop yesterday. Thanks so much!

Shelby said...

Love these so much! Everything you touch is magic :)

John Decker said...

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Svetlana Bilenkina said...

Love this wallpaper! Featured it in a desktop wallpaper roundup post on my blog: