January 13, 2014

new prints | william saroyan

Try to learn to breathe deeply,
really to taste food when you eat,
and when you sleep really to sleep.
Try as much as possible
to be wholly alive
with all your might,
and when you laugh,
laugh like hell.
And when you get angry,
get good and angry.
Try to be alive.
-William Saroyan

This new poster (also available as an 8x10) is brand new in the shop.

To the new year, to a tangible new beginning, to being intentional.


atout said...

Ahh! I love this! William Saroyan is from my town (in fact, I live across the street from the house he grew up in) and I just love him so. We're busy decorating a nursery, and this will be so wonderful in there! Thank you!

Kristina Guilbeau said...

One of your most beautiful pieces to date! And was a sweet story atout...I can't think of anything more inspiring for a nursery.

sarah said...

love it. want it. need it.