December 29, 2014


I loved capping off the year with this fun project alongside West Elm! I created this free, printable banner for you to ring in the new year with, along with a few color variations! Here are the instructions, but you can see the full feature over on West Elm's blog Front + Main.


-free printables

-paper (A thicker card stock works best. I used a 110# weight card stock from Staples.)
-printer (Or, have them printed at a copy center like Staples, FedEx, etc.)
-scissors, paper cutter or X-ACTO knife
-ribbon or twine
-hot glue gun and glue sticks


1) Print off or have the free printables printed at a local copy center. I had mine printed at Staples for under $10. This might be the route you want to go if you’re printing one of the black background options, but for those of you not wanting to drain your ink cartridges, there’s a white background with black lettering version available, too.

2) Using the guidelines, cut the paper in half. Then stack the two pieces back to back and trim the top off and then the sides, still using the guide lines. This is easiest with a paper cutter, but if you don’t have one handy, good ol’ scissors, pencil and a ruler will work, too. There’s a triangle template you can print off as well if you’d like to use that to trace instead of relying on the guide lines for cutting.

3) I used a hot glue gun to glue the banner along the twine because it dries quickly and the bond holds well. Just place a thin strip of glue along the top of the triangle and press it into the ribbon. You’ll want to do this pretty quickly as the hot glue dries fast.

4) There it is! Simple as that. I’ve hung mine with gold washi tape (purchased from Paper Source) but a longer lasting hold would be to use pushpins. (I found all black pushpins at Wal-Mart!)

*The gold tassels were made with gift packing fringe. I gathered a handful of it, folded it in half and tied a piece of twine around the top. I then trimmed the loose ends so that they were a little less straggly. Easy!

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Shannon said...

How sweet of you to share. Love it!!